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What is The Captain’s Table?

The Captain’s Table is about bringing to life an often overlooked part of the Star Trek universe: food. From the very beginning food has been an integral part of the show, as the very act of eating is probably one of the most humanizing ones out there and can easily be used as short hand when one needs to convey either the humanity or the alien quality of a character or build out a world.

But how did that fact lead to this blog? Well, my friend Jess got me into Deep Space Nine. Not only was it what every other Star Trek show had never been, they had a rich universe where people ate and lived and seemed far more alive than ever before. That and the Yamok sauce joke has been living rent free in my head since I first learned of it. And sure, maybe coming from my own New Orleans family made certain things hit different, or maybe it was my love of cooking and the science of that. Hard to say, but it wasn’t long before I decided to create a food blog. That was two failed attempts ago. But third time’s the charm they say.

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